CEM is a multidisciplinary center where you can experience riding in all the ways

CEM is a multidisciplinary center where you can experience riding with both amateur and competitive spirit. A team of instructors and skilled professionals following the preparation of horses and riders from the base to competition, in different sectors and disciplines of riding English.

The school offers a high standard of riding tuition and trekking in the beautiful surrounding countryside or in the park of Magredi, but also Vaulting courses and pony club for children older than 6 years and adults.

Centro Equestre Magredi is open all days all year, to 08.00 at 22.00.
The lessons take place in any weather in outdoor or indoor arenas.

Horse boarding and horse sitting
The solutions for horses boarding have different options and they will be customized according to the needs of our customers.


To ride a horse, the following documents are required:

  1. medical certificate for non-competitive riding
  2. photocopy of proof of vaccination against tetanus
  3. be in possession of the license (FISE or other entity recognized CONI)

Is recommended for all riders to take out an extra personal accident policy. Recommended clothing: boots, riding pants or canvas pants, gloves, cap.

Info and reservation
Chiara +39 335 7170 807
Gelindo +39 335 7170 805