The magic of the Orient from 26 to 28 of June 2015 by Gelindo dei Magredi

... the magic of the Orient expressed through horse riding, exotic music, dance and food ...

The Arabian Horse Festival FVG is an international event and celebration of the Arabian Horse that brings together owners, breeders and handlers from all over the world to join with enthusiasts and people who are interested in knowing more about this amazing animal. The event combines a love of horses, worldliness, entertainment and sport in unique surroundings. Three days of intense activity with no lack of historical information, technical explanations and magical moments when breeders and enthusiasts can exchange opinions and celebrate the Arabian thoroughbred together.

After 11 years of passion for the Arabian horse and numerous trips overseas and in Italy to take part in some of the most important events dedicated to the Arabian thoroughbred, Anna, breeder and freelance journalist in the Arabian horse world,  has made her dream come true! And, at the end of June 2015,  with the second edition of the Festival, the Arabian horse will once again fly on the wind to the Friuli Magredi.

The first edition of the Arabian hore Festival FVG was held in 2014 in response to the need to create an appointment dedicated to the Arabian horse in Friuli Venezia Giulia, NE Italy. Fine horses from overseas honoured the event much to the excitement of the public and organizers,  and the aim for the future is to introduce a riding event with international participants.

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