Our Story

...in the middle of Magredi, close to Udine and Pordenone

Centro Equestre Magredi is located on Country Resort Gelindo dei Magredi and ofers the opportunity to learn about the world of horse in all the disciplines.

Not far from Pordenone e Udine, in the heart of Magredi (Special Protection Area), si Centro Equestre Magredi is already known for its instructors FISE, riders and enthusiasts riding under the old name “AICE Gelindo Sport Equestri”. 

Born from the passion of his uncle Galvino Trevisanutto the late 70s, the whole family Trevisanutto who always owns the place, has been part of the equestrian world around the 80s, taking the management of the Centre. 

Through Uncle Giancarlo Trevisanutto, historic and very popular instructor of the club, and Pietro Enrico Trevisanutto, President of FISE FVG in the nineties and editor of the historical magazine " A briglie sciolte", are now the sons Chiara and Gelindo Trevisanutto to keep in the reins of the center, with their overwhelming passion for the world of the horse! 

The Family has a traditional camp experience with an equestrian focus. Thay all have in common the love and enjoyment of riding and working with horses. This creates a stronger, more personal relationship between the campers in their cabins, riding groups, and in the overall CEM program. 

... there is something in the physical horse that benefits to the spirit of man ...