Food & Wine Holidays

Taste and discover Friuli

Traditional dishes and amazing food rituals; only in Friuli Venezia Giulia can you find such a variety of flavours and aromas. 
The legendary San Daniele ham and wines from Friuli vineyards have become the ambassadors of Friuli Venezia Giulia food production.

Montasio, smoked ricotta cheese with the taste of Alpine meadows and cheeses that are little known but much loved, such as formadi frantand Asìno. Discover the inimitable flavours of the countryside, handed down from generation to generation. 

As well rare delicacies such as Sauris cured ham and cured ham from Cormòns, there is also salami, speck (smoked ham) and local bacon, without forget the brusaola and pitina, smoked meatball of sheep, goat or wild animal: a Slow Food product to taste!

The emblem of Friulian food is still frico (a kind of cheese fritter, either soft or crunchy), with musèt and brovade (sausauge with soured turnip). 


A whole world of flavours to discover, including trout (especially the Regina smoked trout from San Daniele), honey, Julia Dop apples, grappas, oils and so on.

It will be a tasty holiday it will be a tasty holiday and you will deeply enjoy our Friuli!