The Magredi Land

area of species protection


Friuli Venezia Giulia Region is deeply involved in the environmental protection through his own Service for hunting, fishing resources and biodiversity of the Central Direction for rural, agricoltural and forestry resources.

The Friuli Venezia Region - through his own Service who has specific responsibilities regarding the protection of biodiversity - is implementing a LIFE project for the protection of four Sites of Community Importance.
In addition to the redevelopment of degraded habitats inside the Site of Community Importance "Magredi del Cellina" are expected many initiatives to recover habitats of three Sites of Community Importance: "Greto Tagliamento" (Tagliamento riverbed), "Medio Tagliamento" (middle Tagliamento) and "Confluenza Torre Natisone" (Torre and Natisone rivers confluence).

"Magredi del Cellina" SCI is an integral part of the larger protected area known as Special Protection Area "Magredi di Pordenone" for which has been just completed the participation process for the definition of the management plan and the identification of conservation measures.

The old “Vivarium” was a roman site for hunting on horseback, strangely found in the Magredi, with celtic origin which indicates a vast alluvial plain at the foot of the Carnian Dolimites endgrooved by the rivers Cellina, Meduna and Colvera.

A natural park of nearly 400 square kms covered with vegetation which resembles in many ways the Russian steppe, where we can find many botanic rarities of which the Cambre Tataria is the rarest example. Part of the protected area is made up of virgin fields and the rest of the area is ideal for the cultivation of vines which give us the famous Magredi wines.