Farming activity

Gelindo dei Magredi is a farm family owned and managed by the males of the two families Trevisanutto. It 'it situated in the grounds of the Magredi, Z.P.S, S.I.C. and I.B.A. just north of Pordenone at the foot of the Friulian Dolomites. The company was founded in 1970 as a model of production and education in the service of the tourism center and now has a farm of 17 hectares. The related activities consist in Farmhouse (table seats 80 + 18 beds), Agricampeggio (18 pitches), recreational and educational farm, processing and retail sale of processed.

Our farm is alwais open and the entrance is free. Join us ... and every Sunday and during the summer time and holidays you will find a lot of entertainment and activities appropriate to everyone.

Animations, visits, itineraries, activities and workshops
Nihil agricoltura melius (Cicerone) 

Knowledge of agricultural techniques through the five senses: technics of cultivation and preservation of organis food; how to make the Polenda, the cheese, the wine, the roast chicken.
We will teach the children to make the bread and the polenta  with their own hends and they will learn while having fun. Educational activities, fauna park, livestock stables, viveros, dairies, winery and the horse riding school will be only some teaching tools to make the kids understand that  everything comes from the earth and that’s why we have to respect it. 

Cereals: from plant to bread and polenta
The childrean will see the cereals plants, their ears, grains and flours; they will hear the sound of the grains, smell the diferent flore, feel with the feed the grains, so they will preserved an unforgettable experience. We will do together the polenta and the kids will taste it with the typical friulian cheese. 

From grass to cheese: the forage plant, milking the cow, the milk clotting
In the classroom we will show various types of forage grasses and make them touch and smell the flavors. The transformation of the vegetal (grass) in animal (milk), the transformation of the milk in cheese.
A cheesemaker master will show the curdling; more we will make the polenta and thay’ll taste it with the cheese thay’ve made ; if possible, the children can milk the cows. 

Horses & Donkeys: farmer riding (lessons in riding and carriage ride)

Laboratory nutrition education: learn to recognize and cook food
This "path" wants the kids understand the origin of food we eat every day or, to say better, to understand that the burgers and pizza are not original from the refrigerator, but from the earth.

I the classroom they can see:

  • the various types of forage and grain to feed animals
  • animals that transform plant and animal foods
  • vegetable foods commonly used
  • we will be performed with some recipes: cake, polenta, pizza, fried sweet and salty, frico, pasta

In relation of the boys age we can make them work on more complicated preparations.
The kids will touch the food and smell their aromas.

Apples, cider and jams: colors, flavors, traditions and Celtic rituals related to the apples
First there will be a theory class about the etymology and the tools. Follow the apple picking, the grind, the filtration and the bottling of the organic apple juice.
If possible, we will make the jam and the applecake.

Discover the world of mosaic art mosaic familiarization and knowledge
The course includes a theoretical and historical lesson and knowledge of the mosaic. Wise mosaic artisans, students of the vocational school in Spilimbergo, unique in the world, will show you the secrets and charms of the world mosaics: from the familiarization of mosaic techniques and materials to the choice of stones of the river Tagliamento or to the preparation of the cards by cutting in the laboratory with the hammer and the strain of beech.

Follow the work of organization of the tiles to create a small mosaic.

During the Summer: relax in the swimming pool

Our farm is alwais open and the entrance is free. Join us ... and every Sunday and during the summer time and holidays you will find a lot of entertainment and activities appropriate to everyone.