First Courses

All the pasta is homemade and stretched by hand with natural ingredients from our farm.

Balotes di Clauzetto - polenta gnocchi with salt cheese “Asin” and mushrooms

Crespelle alla Valcosa - Gratinated Crêpes with salt cheese and spinach

 Crêpes with zucchini and Lataria cheese

 Crêpes with pumpkin

GNOCCHI - Potato and spinach gnocchi with ragù and chicken from our farm

Gnocchi with the grasses from Magredi with butter and sage

LASAGNA with spinach and Montasio cheese

LASAGNA with aubergine and cheese from Pordenone's Valleys

Halfmoos - ravioli with ricotta cheese and ham fron San Daniele

Halfmoos - ravioli with potatoes, basil, fresh tomato and sheep cheese

Halfmoos - ravioli with pumpkin and ricotta cheese