Sweets homemade

a rich list to taste all the year indifferently of the season

D1  Jam tart with assorted jams

D2  Tirami sù

D3 Soft apple cake with chantilly cream

D4  Chocolate salami

D5  Ice cream cake with Amaretto (semifreddo)

D6  Gelindo’s sweets and fruit fantasy

D7  Hot chocolate flan / muffin

D8  Vanilla ice cream with hot wild berry sauce

D9  Refreshing drink with lemon ice cream, vodka and prosecco

D10  Wild berry ice cream (sorbetto)

D11  Homemade crêpes stuffed with home produced jams 

D12  Fresh pineapple with Grand Marnier liquor

D13  Homemade Magredi biscuits and chantilly cream

D14  Crème caramel / flan

D15  Panna cotta

D16  Trifle

D17  Pear and  chocolate  cake

Fresh fruit of the season

For your special days it is possible to book a ceremonial cake.