Formulas for wedding menu

customized menu and customized party for your wedding

Three cheers for the bride and the groom 

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An outline plan:

  • A welcome for the bride and the groom with a horsedrawn carriage
  • A welcome for the guests in the parking in front of the road decorated with branches
  • White balloons, "wedding today" written, bunting
  • Welcome drink in the green area of the swimming pool
  • Buffet of heifer delicacies, cold cuts sliced with Berkel, crispy vegetables fried presently, polenta cooked in the spolert, barbecue with vegetables and skewers alla mulatta
  •  Lunch in the salon
  • A break in the garden or in the Casarossa
  • End of the lunch and greeting to guests

Prospective after lunch in the Casarossa, in the Atelier or in the Casa dei Benandanti

Please note: all the dishes can be changed and you can also customized the programmof your wedding party.

Classic Menu

Coktails & snaks in the garden
Grilled breads, ,friulian omelette (frittata), frico flakes,
little tomatoes and mozzarella, vegetables and other barbecue delicacies
with smokin polenta and hot bacon
Li Sisaris , the bubbly of the Magredi 

Appetizer: 3 courses
Sea and river dishes
Misticanza with goose breast in balsamic vinegar, apple, garden rocket and sesame
Herb and asin cake and aubergines roulade with caprino
Caeline white Pinot of the Magredi 

First dishes : 3-4 courses
Mezzelune in sage and San Daniele ham
Timbale with wild green vegetables and Montasio cheese
Risotto with kitchen garden shoots
(prospective) Soup of raviolini in stock
le Colvere the cabernet of the Magredi 

Break in the garden
Lemon sgroppino and/or fruit sorbet 

Second Dishes: 2 courses
Fillet of heifer in fornarina
Porchetta loin with beer and aromatic herbs
Cooked side dishes adn mix of kitchen garden salads
Important red wine chosen by the bride and the groom 

Wedding cake Saint honorè
Vanilla Ice cream with soft fruit
Gelindo desserts
Dessert wines

Coffee with grappa and liquors, Fruit, Spicy apple juice