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Magredi Equestrian Center

There is something physical about the horse that benefits the spirit of man

Gelindo dei Magredi is not just holidays, food and relaxation, but also sports!

Inside the large Gelindo farm, in fact, there is the Magredi Equestrian Center, a riding stable equipped with all the services to cultivate your relationship with your horse friend in all serenity.

The guests of the riding school and CEM members will find at their disposal:

  • Qualified professional instructors
  • Indoor Stables
  • Training camp
  • Competition Field
  • Stable stables up to 45 horses
  • Paddoc for horses
  • 15 stable boxes for sporting events or anything else
  • Large illuminated spaces to accommodate up to 150 prefabricated competition boxes
  • Large parking spaces for horse transport
  • Large parking spaces for the living
  • Large car parks for visitors and spectators
  • Agricamping with water current, electrical connection and black water drain
  • Toilets and showers located in more places; parts of the farm
  • Possibility to stay overnight, up to 30 rooms available on site
  • Differentiated catering, from the classic restaurant to nearby catering; of the competition fields
  • Summer pool for visitors and riders
  • Large relaxing green spaces

The structure is ready to welcome from absolute beginners to experienced knights or amazons, with dedicated and targeted offers based on the experience of the person.

And for those who just want a moment of relaxation to get away from the daily grind, our carriages await you for a wonderful walk in the middle of nature, pampered by the rhythm of the clogs.

Find out more on www.friuliacavallo.it

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