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Food & Wine Holiday

Taste Friuli Venezia Giulia

Typical dishes and colorful culinary rituals: such a variety of flavors and aromas can only be found in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Here peoples, languages ​​and traditions have crossed which have also enriched food and wine: you can savor Central European, Mediterranean and Slavic influences, without forgetting the tasty popular cuisine with simple and genuine dishes, enriched by spontaneous herbs, prepared in the countryside and on the mountains.

The ambassadors of the typical products of Friuli Venezia Giulia are the now legendary San Daniele ham and the prestigious regional wines: 8 DOC areas where DOCG goodies are also born such as Ramandolo and Picolit, robust blacks with bizarre names such as Tazzelenghe (you know why is it called that?) and whites unique in the world. Enter the cellars and discover the renowned hospitality of the "doc" producers!

Montasio, smoked ricotta with a malga flavor and unknown but highly appreciated cheeses, such as "Formadi Frant" and Asìn: discover how peasant wisdom has been creating inimitable flavors for generations.

In addition to delicacies such as Sauris and Cormòns ham, salami, speck and pancetta are produced, without forgetting the curious brusaola and pitina, a smoked meatball based on sheep, goat or game meat: a slow food presidium to be savored!

Frico (cheese pie, soft or crunchy) and musèt e brovade (cotechino and turnips soured in marc) remain the indisputable emblem of Friulian eating.

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